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How To Name + Trademark Your Business Name, Courses Or Services For The Totally Clueless + Legally Lost

You’ve spent thousands of hours + dollars on creating your brand… course… or business.

You’re not going to let someone swoop in and steal your name, are you?!

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The Contract Shop

Love what you do but hate the paperwork side of things? We got 'chu babe with these done-for-you contracts that will have your clients saying 'wow' in 10 minutes or less.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get lifetime access to the course material?
Yes! No matter how much the price increases for future rounds of purchasers, or how much more material we add, you’ll always have access to Trademarks on Tap. This also means you can return and go through the system each time you have a new name, logo or tagline to trademark.
Are there any additional costs besides the enrollment in the course?
Yes. When you file a trademark, the government requires a filing fee to process your application. I mean, it’s the government… they always want more money. The fee is $325 per trademark application, with the government requesting $225 up front to file your application and then $100 about a year later to finalize it.
I’m not in the United States-- is this course for me?
This course is for anyone who sells their services or products to people in the United States. A US trademark registration is the gold standard across the world (#sorrynotsorry other countries). If you are selling in, marketing to, or afraid of getting ripped off by those scandalous Americans (oh haiiiii!), then you’ll want a US-based trademark registration, possibly by itself or in addition to a trademark registration in your native country.
What is the refund policy?
We will give you a refund for any reason-- just make your request within 14 days from your date of purchase.
Are there any discounts?
Sorry, we cannot honor any additional discounts for this product as it's already offered at its lowest price!
What’s the difference between this course and The Contract Shop®?
The Contract Shop® is an online contract template store that sells legal templates and contracts. These templates are done-for-you, so that you can conveniently fill-in-the-blank and send off the documents to your clients or place them on your site. This course is done-with-you, where I walk you through the trademark process from start to finish. Wherever possible, I’ll take the weight off by providing templates, but there’s no specific templates from The Contract Shop® provided inside Trademarks on Tap unless otherwise stated.

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